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Health Insurance
Buying Guide

Tips to Save Health Insurance Using Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Health insurance plans can be costly but you can save money using the Affordable Care Act (ACA), without losing the benefits of coverage. Some of the major points to be noted:

  • The ACA subsidy is offered to households who fall within the income range. The income range is defined based on the total number of income of all members in the household.
  • Those who are below the age of 30 years or if they have a ‘hardship exemption’ they have the facility to be eligible for ‘Catastrophic’ health coverage. Such type of insurance coverage helps in getting high medical care.
  • For those who are below 26 years of age can be covered under the parent’s policy as well.
  • In order to save money on medical support, you should ensure that you physician is under insurer’s network. The network of doctors changes frequently.
  • The latest health law has been designed to ensure that customers are not charged heavily for pre-existing diseases or for being a female.

The benefits and accurate knowledge of ACA is very important before making any health insurance claims. In order to get maximum benefits, contact 99healthinsurance executives and get the best in class services.

Tips on Choosing A Health Insurance Plan

There are several options available for health insurance plans in the market but choosing the right insurance plan as per your needs and future requirements is very important. Customers have several questions like which companies are reliable, which plans have maximum benefits, is the price you are paying is worth or not, etc. In order to simplify your health insurance selection process, we have listed some of the major tips for choosing a health insurance plan. Refer the tips before choosing:

  • Some of the insurance products offer pharmacy discount cards, but they are not part of the coverage so checkout the plans which offer maximum coverage.
  • Although you get the best policy, it is also important that the standard of the agency is also good. Some companies make delays in making the payment which can ultimately ruin your time and money. Check the ratings of the agencies before choosing the plan.
  • No one can predict the future and it unpredictable that how much coverage you would need. In order to get the maximum benefits, always try to make best savings in health insurance. Do not get attracted to cheap and worthless insurance plans which come with several conditions.
  • Try to avoid those policies which ask for maximum out-of-pocket limit on covered charges.
  • Ensure that the health insurance policy that you choose covers both healthcare services as well as medications
  • Also ensure that your doctor is covered under the insurance company’s network. If your doctor is not covered in the network then you need identify best doctors located near your area.
  • After choosing a insurance policy, examine and analyse that the premium does not increase for next twelve months.

Tips To Keep Away Health Insurance Scams

With the increase in demand of health insurance policies with maximum benefits, the health insurance scams are also increasing. In addition to the confusing health care legislation passed by the President Barack Obama, fraudsters are taking advantage of the new legislation. In order to get the best health insurance, consumers should take care of few points mentioned below:

  • Confirm the BBB reliability and rating online report of the insurance company. With the help of report you can get clear idea of the service quality, pending claims and issues with the company.
  • Every insurance company has a state license issued by the Insurance Commissioner. Check the license and ensure it is not expired.
  • Do not get cheated on the name of discount cards. The medical discount cards are not insurance policy; it is just used for discounted rates of doctor charges and medical expenses.
  • Do not purchase insurance from fake branded companies. Choose trustable and reliable companies which offers immediate support for the consumers.
  • Read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing. It is tedious task but it can help you in understanding any loophole or undisclosed point.
  • Before choosing the plan, discuss with the healthcare providers and pharmacists whether they accept the plan.

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